TikToker goes viral for bizarre “life hack” to clean salad in washing machine

lettuce tiktokTikTok: ashleyechols777

A TikTok user has gone viral for their bizarre method of cleaning lettuce before making a salad, leaving their followers both shocked and morbidly curious.

TikTokers have become known for sharing some strange ways to cook food. One user gained tons of views for cooking with a Pringles can, something that even got a rise out of famous chef Gordon Ramsay himself.

Although this may not be filed under the category of cooking, this TikToker has gained a ton of views for sharing her unusual method of preparing lettuce for a delicious salad, albeit a bit soapy.

TikToker washes her kale in the washing machine

TikTok logo on a phoneUnsplash: Solen Feyissa
TikTok is one of the world’s leading social media platforms – and it’s home to quite a few jaw-dropping storytime videos.

User ashleyechols777 gained over 500k viewers on her polarizing video of her cleaning her greens in a washing machine.

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In the video, Ashley loads a ton of kale into a washing machine, runs them through a cycle, and shows them after looking greener than ever.

The strange method of cleaning the vegetables was noted by Ahsley as a “lifehack” in the description of the video.

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One commenter defended Ashley and said, “Then they clean the washer out again before using it for cleaning clothes. It really does clean your greens really well all you judgment people chill.”

Another user simply wasn’t having it, “Y’all stay giving us reasons not to participate in potlucks.”

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Ashley responded in a video to one negative comment and noted she picked the kale herself and ran the cycle with vinegar, claiming it was safe to do so.

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She finished the video by saying she even threw some carrots into her washing machine to “experiment, and see what would happen.”

Despite her explanation, it doesn’t seem that many users were convinced this is a great idea.