TikToker calls out Zaxby’s after serving her fried paper instead of chicken tenders

Dylan Horetski
TiKToker Jenai Meints Zaxbys fried paper

A TikToker has gone viral after calling out popular fast food restaurant Zaxbys for serving her fried paper instead of the chicken tenders she ordered.

When it comes to uploading content on TikTok, some of the most viral videos reveal the mishaps that users experience at their favorite fast food restaurants.

This is the case for TikToker Jenai Meints who recently shared a video of her chicken tender meal from Zaxby’s, where she found a piece of fried paper in place of chicken.

Her upload quickly went viral, amassing over 20 million views and over 30,000 comments.

TikToker gets fried paper instead of chicken tenders at Zaxby’s

Showing her meal from Zaxby’s, a popular southern US restaurant, Jenai revealed the mistaken piece of chicken.

“I can not make this up,” she explained. “I went to get my chicken and its paper. They literally fried f**king paper. They’re not about to like me.”

While she’s showing off the mistake, you can hear the crumple of the paper.

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Fans quickly took to the comments with their thoughts on the mishap, with many agreeing that it’s literally fried parchment paper.

On August 18, Jenai posted an update detailing the company’s response. She said: “Everyone in the chain of command messaged me, called me, dm’d me whatever the case may be. They said the video was hurting their business. They wanted to offer a refund and give me a free replacement meal and “take care of me for a while.”

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She went on to explain that she accepted the refund and replacement meal, and the company provided her with additional compensation.

As far as where the paper came from, she explained in a comment that it’s a divider for the chicken that accidentally became breaded and dropped into the fryer while making a fresh batch.