TikToker accuses company of “ripping off” his board game after it went viral

Dylan Horetski
TikToker lightsoutboi calls out company

A TikTok businessman by the name of Lightsoutboi is calling out another company on the platform for “ripping off” his board game idea.

With the popularity of TikTok, which has over one billion users monthly, it makes sense for companies to use the platform to grow their business.

Businesses on TikTok are often small, one person start-ups with little to no protection from bad actors looking to copy their idea.

This is the case for Lightsoutboi, who went viral after releasing his party board game ‘Lights Out,’ and he’s now calling out another TikTok account for “ripping off” his idea.

TikToker calls out company for “ripping off” viral board game

Uploaded on August 23, Lightsoutboi called out the two TikTokers running the account Twistedboardgame, who he claims completely ripped off his idea just months after Lights Out went viral.

“I know they copied me because they were smart enough to sign up to my email list with their name and address back in February,” he explained.

He went on to explain that they’re even copying his videos word for word and shows examples of his claim in his upload.

“I understand imitation is the finest form of flattery, but at least don’t make your game look like a middle schooler made it in Microsoft Word,” he added.

“I wouldn’t have cared if they reached out to me first and I’m not one for drama, but this one is just too funny to pass up”

Twistedboardgame responds to accusations

Just a day after Lightsoutboi uploaded his video, Twistedboardgame responded with a video of their own.

In their response, they mention that the videos claimed to have been copied from the Lights out creator were actually uploaded to TikTok before his.

“You weren’t the first person to create a party board game, they have literally been around forever. The only original thing about your board game is the QR code mini-games that we don’t even have,” he explained.

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