TikTok warns users as man’s ‘raw steak’ eating challenge goes viral

David Purcell
tiktoker eating raw steak

TikTok has started adding warnings to viral videos posted by a man who says he will eat raw steak until it makes him sick.

A number of seriously dangerous challenges have taken over TikTok since the app first burst onto the scene, with some linked to car thefts and even death.

Over time, the app’s administrators have been urged to warn users against certain content, in the case that they replicate dangerous acts at home.

This August, a man eating steak every day until it makes him “sick” has been struck with similar cautions, which appear before even clicking their video uploads.

TikToker starts ‘raw steak’ challenge

A TikToker by the name of Pauly Long has once again seen a surge in viewership since starting his raw steak diet on August 10. Long has over 500,000 followers on the platform, with nearly 13 million likes across his content.

Just a scroll through the channel brings up moments of him biting into raw foods, from hearts to uncooked testicles.

However, he has since turned this pattern of content creation into a daily challenge, posting: “Eating raw steak every day until I get sick” – forcing action from TikTok in the way of a warning. At the time of writing, he has been eating raw steak for over a week already.

After this clip above hit the one million view mark, the platform decided to flag a future video from the creator. Previous installments in the short series have surpassed two and three million, as well.

A warning reads: “Participating in this activity could result in you or others getting hurt.”

Can you eat raw steak?

According to the Food Authority in New South Wales, Australia, it is not safe to eat raw steak on a regular basis.

They say raw steak “may contain harmful bacteria including Salmonella, Listeria, Campylobacter and E. coli that can cause food poisoning.” Healthline also states that preparing these foods in traditional ways, such as cooking them, reduces the bacterial risk.

This information is more than likely what prompted TikTok to add warnings to this video. Eating raw steak every day as part of a TikTok challenge is certainly risky.

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