Two teens reportedly dead after hitting trucks in TikTok ‘Angel of Death’ challenge

TikTok angel of death challengePixabay/TikTok

A dangerous TikTok trend appropriately named the “Angel of Death” challenge has reportedly claimed the lives of two teens after they jumped in front of trucks.

Wild TikTok trends aren’t anything new. Ever since the app’s release, creators have found crazy ways of making content, even if it means putting their lives at risk in the process.

Now, a ridiculous new challenge out of Indonesia is making headlines for all the wrong reasons with teens reportedly jumping in front of moving trucks.

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The only way to successfully complete the challenge is if the truck comes to a stop or the driver manages to avoid the individual in front of it.

tiktok challengeTwitter/AboutTNG
Two teens have died trying the Angel of Death challenge.

Angel of Death TikTok challenge claims two lives

According to a report by Insider, two teens have died trying the challenge.

On Friday, June 3, a teen from Tangerang was run over by a truck while trying to film the challenge for content.

One day before that, two teens in the city of Bandung attempted the Angel of Death challenge with a truck hitting a 14-year-old, shattering his teeth and fracturing his skull.

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The challenge even dates back to last July when a teenager died in Bekasi City, though it seems like the trend has made an unwanted comeback as of late.

So far, it doesn’t seem like the challenge has spread outside of Indonesia yet, and hopefully, it ends up staying that way.

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