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TikTok users praise movie theater staff after argument with rude customer goes viral

Published: 27/Mar/2022 15:38

by Shay Robson


A clip of movie theatre staff dealing with a rude customer sat in the wrong seat has gone viral on TikTok, with commenters praising them for their response to the situation

Nowadays just about anything can go internet viral if you’re lucky, all due to the rise in demand for short-form video content like TikToks, Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts.

In 2022, there are billions of users seeking quick entertainment from their mobile devices, which has led to bizarre new trends, and quirky videos making people famous online.


That’s no different from this TikTok by user hawntd, who posted a video of the movie theatre staff arguing with a customer who was refusing to sit in the correct seat.

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The rise of TikTok in recent years has allowed weird and bizarre trends to go viral.

The almost three-minute-long TikTok posted on March 26 has gone viral, with viewers shocked by the behavior of the customer arguing with the theatre staff while trying to watch the new Batman movie.

During the video, the employee tried to explain to the moviegoer that he was in the wrong chair. However, the stubborn customer had none of it and was persistent they were in the right seat. “How can you tell this is not my seat,” asked the man.


The staff proved the customer wrong by explaining the ticket shows the seat number. But still, the man wouldn’t move – delaying the start of the movie for everybody else.

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@hawntdi was just tryna see batman ffs♬ original sound – bear &lt3

Even after causing such a disturbance, another member of staff stepped in and offered the man a full refund if he were to leave the theatre. However, he was still unwilling to leave: “I don’t know, maybe I want to be taken out in handcuffs now.”

After eventually being able to reason with the customer, he got up and left, leaving many to applaud the staff for staying calm and dealing with the situation in a professional manner.


“Excellent service from both staff,” said one. “The rules are simple, and if you don’t like them then don’t go to the theatre.” Another added: “He cosplaying as a Karen or something? What’s with the get-up?”

As the Batman movie already being close to three hours long, the rest of the audience was thrilled for the show to finally start.