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TikToker loses hundreds of dollars at 7-Eleven in card skimmer scam

Published: 26/Mar/2022 17:10

by Connor McCrory


A TikTok creator has lost hundreds of dollars after being scammed by a credit card skimmer at her local 7-Eleven.

A TikToker named Nyshje (@thedeluxedwayhas) alleged that she was scammed out of $600 at her local 7-Eleven after discovering the credit card reader was bugged with a skimmer.

In a video uploaded to TikTok on March 24, 2022, the TikToker, whose name is Nyshje, uncovers the full story of how she came to discover the credit card skimmer.

@thedeluxedway You’re not going to jail you’re going to PRISONNN #fyp #scammed ♬ Jersey anniversary – Malcolm B

TikToker gets credit chard details scammed at local 7-Eleven

In the video, Nyshje claims that she initially discovered dubious charges on her bank account. After learning of this, the TikToker says she remembered an odd transaction that occurred during a recent trip to her local 7-Eleven, specifically when she tried using a credit card machine that kept malfunctioning.


The unsettled customer then returned to the 7-Eleven, where she discovered that the card machine was in fact tampered with after ripping off the front plate.

“He tryna act like it’s not coming off,” one comment said. “SIR LEMME HELP YOU.”

“The way she ripped it off you knew she was not playing,” another replied.

@thedeluxedway Y’all think she was in on it? #greenscreen ♬ original sound – THE LASH TECH

Other TikTok user questioned whether or not the workers were actually in on the scam too.

“I work at a gas station…they’re supposed to be checking the machines daily…It’s literally protocol. They’re def in trouble,” one viewer wrote.

Nyshje’s said her charges have yet to be reimbursed, but fortunately, the card skimmer is now in the hands of local Police detectives, who are attempting to locate the suspect of the crime.