TikTok user goes viral heckling LeBron James so much he had to be restrained

TikTok Lebron James headerTikTok: ruthlesssrich

A new TikTok is going viral at the moment, with an NBA fan recording themselves heckling basketball star Lebron James so much that the fan was then restrained and held back.

TikTok user ruthlesssrich posted a new video on their account, one that involves them shouting and calling out one of the NBA’s biggest stars, LeBron James. The video has since gone viral and has generated millions of views as a result.

Celebrities and athletes often find themselves at the mercy of fans shouting out random and at times, rude and negative things. And while they don’t always react to the comments, athletes are sometimes caught out by fans who film them getting frustrated or reacting poorly to heckling.

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At the time of writing, the video currently has over 7.5 million views. As well as this, it also has almost 1 million likes and over 7 thousand comments. The TikTok video has also been captioned “Bron you gotta go back to Cleveland or get this sh*t together homie.”

The original TikTok can be viewed below. Alternatively, it can be accessed via the link here.

In the video, the person filming the game can be heard shouting at LeBron James from behind the camera. They first start by calling the star out and commenting on his physical appearance as a way to get a reaction out of him.

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“Hey Bron, you better get this shi* together with that receding hairline.” Lebron then stops walking through the crowd and faces the camera, a clear look of anger on his face. The heckler then shouts out, “look he mad, look at him, you sick,” before laughing off the comments. 

The video then cuts out but it is clear that security is near them and walking quickly over to hold them back and restrain them. Time will tell if there are any consequences for the comments or if LeBron will address them in an interview.

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