TikTok star Bryce Hall trends on Twitter after critics claim he’s “not hot”

Bryce Hall trends on Twitter over attractiveness debateYouTube: Bryce Hall / Twitter

TikTok star and popular YouTuber Bryce Hall has become a hot topic on Twitter in a matter of minutes after debates regarding his physical attractiveness took over the social media platform.

Bryce Hall is one of the net’s most popular influencers right now. Boasting 17.9 million followers on TikTok and over 3 million subscribers on YouTube, it’s safe to say that Hall has mastered multiple platforms with relative ease.

A quick scroll through Hall’s content will show the Sway House member posing shirtless with his boys in multiple posts — and while it’s clear that his good looks and fitness are paramount to his image, some critics aren’t seeing the appeal.

On January 11, Hall’s name began trending on Twitter… all thanks to these looks, which many critics claimed aren’t living up to the hype.


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“Bryce Hall is not hot,” one user tweeted. “You are sleep deprived. Please go to bed.”

“Bryce Hall is not attractive,” another posted. “Not even a little bit. Eat a carrot or something and fix your eyes, omfg.”

“Y’all really need to go outside if you find Bryce Hall attractive,” yet another chimed in.

The recent hate against Hall could be due to his interactions with popular Minecraft and Among Us streamers Dream, Quackity, and Karl Jacobs. Hall suggested a potential Among Us session with the popular creators, which may have put him front and center of some unamused fans.

While it isn’t clear exactly why the debate stirred up in the first place, this wouldn’t be the first time a TikToker has received hate after trying to set up a game with these streamers; Addison Rae received a wave of backlash over a similar scenario, which only amplified after she received merch from Dream, himself.

Luckily, Hall isn’t letting the hate bring him down, as evidenced by his humorous posts making light of the negativity.

“My mentions are calling me ‘dog water,’ for some reason,” he joked.

“I wake up and see Bryce Hall is only trending for not being hot… What is 2021?” he added.

Despite the odd amount of backlash he’s been receiving online, it seems very likely that he’ll be able to score his highly-coveted Among Us stream with some of the game’s biggest stars — although there’s no official word on the broadcast at the time of writing.