TikTok finally rolling out feature to skip through video

tiktok new scrub through video timestamp featureTikTok

TikTok appears to be testing and rolling out one of the most requested features on the app, giving users the ability to scrub through videos rather than having to rewatch them.

Throughout 2020, TikTok became by far the most popular app in the world. The ability to create short-form videos was a fun throwback to Vine but offered more depth and options than its predecessor.

We all know how easy it is to fall into the trap of watching countless TikTok videos, scrolling through when we’ve got a spare moment and that moment seemingly never-ending.

One thing that is incredibly frustrating, though, is when you’re watching out for a certain part of the video, and you have to sit there and wait for the moment to roll around again.

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tiktok app iphoneUnsplash: Solen Feyissa
TikTok has fast become one of the most popular apps on the planet.

Whether it’s a funny moment you want to show someone, a part of a story you missed, or you simply zoned out and stopped paying attention, it can be a severe nuisance sitting there for up to three minutes waiting for it to come up again.

That could be an issue of the past, though, as some TikTok users are reporting the ability to scrub through videos and skip to a certain part, something users have been requesting for months.

As shown in the screenshot below, Kim McNichol noticed some (note: not all) videos on her ‘For You Page’ had the feature, allowing her to skip through a video to find the specific timestamp she wants.

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Some responses suggested that this feature started being tested at the start of June 2021 and, in some territories, even further back.

While it isn’t something that every user has yet, the feature is definitely popping up more and more, and before long the struggle of waiting for a certain hilarious point in your TikTok video will be, thankfully, a long-gone memory.