Thieves steal $10,000 of Nintendo Switch consoles by distracting Walmart staff

thieves steal 10K of nintendo switch consolesNintendo/Windsor Police

A group of five thieves in the city of Windsor near Toronto, Canada allegedly stole $10,000 worth of Nintendo Switch consoles from Walmart.

Many stolen Nintendo Switches may soon be popping up in online retail stores or advertisements after a brazen heist last month.

According to a report in The Windsor Star, police say that on January 17, four of the suspects distracted Walmart employees while the fifth used the commotion to break the locks on the display case.

Cops say that many consoles were stolen, equaling out to $10,000 CDN or just under $7,500 USD. Amazingly, however, Walmart may not be the only store targeted.

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Thieves accused of using distraction tactics at Home Depot

Investigators say that on the same night of the Walmart shenanigans, $5,000 worth of tools from a Home Depot were taken.

The police say that the same strategy of having four members of the group distract employees while another steals items was used in the Home Depot heist.

Two Nintendo Switch consolesNintendo
The thieves were able to steal $10K worth of Nintendo Switch consoles.

Although the suspects wore face masks, they were spotted leaving the Walmart in two different cars, with one being a dark-colored truck while the other was dark SUV and possibly a Dodge Journey.

Anyone with information about the suspects or crimes are urged to contact Target Base Unit at 519-255-6700 ext. 4350.

This is hardly the first time that video game consoles have been stolen. Last year, Twitch streamer DSKoopa’s gaming store Pink Gorilla Games was robbed at gunpoint, with the suspect making off with a PS3.

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