Twitch streamer’s gaming store robbed at gunpoint as thief steals Pokemon cards

gaming store robbed live on twitchTwitch/dskoopa

Twitch streamer DSKoopa’s gaming store Pink Gorilla Games was hit with an armed robbery with the alleged thief making off with a PS3 and Pokemon cards.

Popular streamer DSKoopa is well-known for his Twitch shenanigans where he shows what it’s like working at his gaming store and on Monday, things got very intense.

According to a report by Fox, a man dressed in dark clothes and a mask came into the store with a backpack and gathered some items before he headed to the cash and asked employee Jordan Carson for a PS3 from a display case.

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“It was very casual, he had his hands in his pocket the whole time, it was a subtle motion, but it got the job done. I knew he had a gun,” Carson explained.

Carson said the alleged robber mentioned that he had a family member in the hospital as a way to justify the theft. He was able to get away with the console along with Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

Twitch streamer says he met alleged armed robber

To make the situation even scarier, DSKoopa says he had seen the man earlier when he knocked on the door during a live stream.

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In the footage, the supposed suspect knocked on the door while the store was closed, but the streamer was nice enough to let him in any way, but nothing nefarious happened at that time.

There have been multiple thefts at Pink Gorilla Games, including one caught on stream this summer. However, while DSKoopa has remained adamant about not wanting to move, this latest incident may be starting to make him reconsider.

In a post on Twitter, he wrote, “I really don’t want to leave. But I can’t live with anyone getting shot.”

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Seattle police are looking for the alleged thief, but so far he has yet to be found, leaving some employees worried that he might return.

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