ACE Family explains why 2022 will be their last year on YouTube

Austin and Catherine McBroom in a YouTube videoYouTube: The ACE Family

The ACE Family’s Austin and Catherine McBroom have revealed why 2022 will be their last year on YouTube, and explained their upcoming plans.

The ACE Family is one of the most popular family channels on YouTube, with over 18 million subscribers on their vlog channel where they show parts of their daily lives to their many fans.

On March 19, though, they uploaded a video titled “The End of The ACE Family on YouTube” in which they revealed that they will no longer be regularly uploading in 2023.

“This is the last year that The ACE Family will be on YouTube,” Austin said. “So, let me explain. We actually wanted to make this video a year ago, and we wanted a year ago to be our last year, but we just can’t seem to stop doing what we love to do, which is creating videos for all of you guys.

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“But this year we’ve been talking about how we’re going to make this year, 2022, our last year on YouTube because next year in 2023 we wanna do a lot of traveling with the family. What I mean by traveling, I mean probably traveling for like half the year. And we wanna go to like 10 to 20 different places.”

Austin McBroom in front of a boxing ringInstagram: austinmcbroom / Unsplash: Attentie Attentie
Austin is known not just for being a family vlogger, but also for his boxing endeavors.

They also said that they not only want to travel, but also work on some big projects that they’re “super excited for.”

Catherine also added: “We’re not saying that we’re gone forever, we’re just saying that we’re not gonna be as consistent anymore. But we really enjoy what we do, we really love what we do, like this is so much fun to us, we just love filming.”

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She continued: “I feel like the pressure that we’ve had has just been really unhealthy, and I think traveling and spending time with our family, doing all the things that we really wanna do, the things that we wanna focus 100% on, I think that that will bring us a lot of joy. And I think that when we do film and make our video you’ll see and feel that energy, and feel good when you watch us.”

Austin emphasized that they’re not going to be gone “100%” and that they still may post here and there, but they’ll just “see how it goes.”

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