‘I just a baby’ viral video deleted after TikToker banned “without warning”

TikTok user little.blooming.womenTikTok: little.blooming.women2

The original poster of the insanely viral “I just a baby” TikTok video is appealing for help after the app suddenly permanently banned her account, subsequently removing the original viral video.

TikTok users absolutely love a viral sound, and one of the most popular so far this year was the ‘I just a baby’ audio originally posted by user little.blooming.women.

In the video, she can be seen talking to her child and asking her to stop doing something, to which the toddler replies, “I just a baby.” When the mom tries to correct her again, the child angrily repeats “I just a baby!”

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TikTok users immediately saw the viral potential in this video, and they made thousands of videos using the audio, including adorable pet clips and hilarious memes. The clip had garnered over 44 million views as of February 20.

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What happened to TikTok’s ‘I just a baby’ video?

However, in mid-March, the original creator uploaded a video on a backup account, little.blooming.women2, revealing that her original account had been permanently banned.

“I recently tried to log into my account, and was notified that TikTok had permanently banned my account without any warning or explanation. And I’m trying to get a hold of them without success yet, and I am just reaching out to you asking for your help.”

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She asked that those who enjoyed her content or benefitted from the viral sound contact TikTok to ask them to reinstate her original account.

At the time of writing, her original account has still not been reinstated, though the comments have been flooded with people tagging TikTok to get their attention.

The reason behind little.blooming.women’s permanent ban is still not clear, but fans are keen to know as the sound continues to spread across TikTok.