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Tfue pretends to be Ninja after paying girls to play Fortnite with him

Published: 19/Mar/2020 13:26

by Jacob Hale


Popular Fortnite player Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney paid several girls to play Fortnite with him before finally revealing who he was – except, he said he was Mixer star Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins.

Tfue isn’t one to shy away from weird scenarios or put himself out there, so it’s not entirely surprising that he found a website where he could “order” girls to play with him for a fee, but before long he had around five different girls joining his lobby, completely unaware of who he was.

He did some box fights with them and, to their credit, they got the better of him on several occasions, but when it was finally time to finish he wanted to break the news to them.


Twitter: Tfue
Tfue and Ninja were quite good friends once upon a time.

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With both chat and his friends sat behind him saying he should reveal himself, Tfue finally bit the bullet and did it – kind of.

“Actually, before you leave… I was just f**king with you guys,” he told them. “I’m actually Ninja,” he finished before muting himself and bursting into laughter.

Believing him, naturally, the girls he was playing with lost their minds, with one of them even saying “Oh my god Ninja, I have the biggest crush on you!” before apologizing to Ninja’s actual wife, Jessica.

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He then decided to make a joke at his rival’s expense, asking them to subscribe to his Mixer channel because “views are low right now,” which they didn’t seem too keen on doing.


Earlier in the stream, he was nearly caught out as one of them told him he “sounds like Tfue,” but he got out of it by pretending not to know who Tfue is.

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He mentions that he “only watches Ninja,” which probably helped sell the idea to them that he actually was the former Halo professional, but it would seem the girl had somewhat of an inkling that he might not have been entirely honest.

By now, the girls might have found out that they were being trolled, but they may not care too much – there are not many people who can say they’ve played with one of the biggest stars in gaming.