Ninja and Tfue frustrated by “secret” buff in latest Fortnite update

Scott Robertson
Ninja / Tfue / Epic Games

After the latest 12.10 update to Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2, numerous players, including streaming stars Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins and Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney, are getting very annoyed by an apparently unmentioned buff to some of game’s newest additions.

The new loot vaults offer an exciting way for Fortnite players to jumpstart their chances at a Victory Royale – but with several henchmen and a unique boss guarding the golden goods, it makes the heist challenging for even the most talented squads in the game.

However, successfully getting in and out of the vaults has supposedly gotten harder, without even a mention of this change in the patch notes of the latest update.

Epic Games
Reaching the vaults in Fortnite has become even more dangerous.

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Yet, two of the most popular avid Fornite players are insistent that Epic Games have buffed the henchmen that patrol the areas outside the vaults.

“Anyone sick of these bots? I just got aim-botted right now,” the star of Mixer said on stream after getting peppered by an alerted henchman.

“They buffed the henchmen,” he relayed to his group of SypherPK, Reverse2k, and FaZe Funk. His teammates agreed with him “100 percent,” saying that they were “getting lasered all day.”

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Tfue also had his own struggles with the boss Midas, as well as other AI enemies at The Agency.

This claim has been made by more than just some frustrated pros, as players at all levels have noticed a huge increase in AI accuracy as of late. With henchmen now carrying Heavy Snipers, they’ve only become more dangerous.

Players are scratching their heads as to why the AI henchmen’s aim was so high to begin with, and why it’s allegedly been increased even more. 

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The assumption is that because of the amount of high-quality loot that is located at the vaults, Epic wanted to increase the difficulty of getting to those weapons. However, players are confused as to why the supposed change wasn’t included in patch notes.

Players are also complaining that the improved aim only makes the new locations more chaotic and frustrating, as they now have to deal with the AI as much as, or even more so, than other players.