Tesla driver causes chaos as car dies in the middle of McDonald’s drive-thru

Alice Sjöberg
Tesla gets stuck at McDonalds

A Canadian Tesla driver caused chaos as they decided to go to McDonald’s instead of charging the car, leading them to get stuck in the drive-thru line.

There’s no doubt that Teslas are cool cars. With features such as autopilot, caraoke, and being able to stream films and play video games on its infotainment system, it’s definitely a unique car.

But its uniqueness has also caused some troubles for drivers who might not be familiar with the new features or how they work.

This was the case for a Tesla driver in Ontario, Canada, who managed to get the car stuck in the line for a McDonalds’ drive-thru.

How did the Tesla get stuck?

A woman named Lisa posted a video of the event on her TikTok, which has been seen by 459,600 people in just two days. The video sees

Lisa filmed a Tesla in front of her and told the viewers: “So a Tesla died in the parking lot of the McDonalds drive-thru.

“Oh, and they can’t push it out because they can’t put it in gear. This is gonna be fun.”

A McDonalds worker is then seen talking to the driver of the Tesla before walking past Lisa’s car to tell the line behind her that a Tesla had died.

Lisa then asks the worker how they will get out. The worker said that that’s what they’re trying to figure out before the clip cuts off.

After watching the video, people couldn’t believe that the driver did not know how to put the car in gear without turning it on.

One person commented: “Confused how these ppl that have Teslas don’t know they can still put the car in neutral.”

Another added: “I own a Tesla and have no idea how this would even happen to someone.”

A third person found the situation hilarious, as he wrote: “The driver literally had to decide: should I go charge somewhere or go to McDonald’s? I choose McDonald’s. Lol.”

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