Teacher fired for classroom OnlyFans videos reveals disturbing messages parents send

banned onlyfans teacher reveals abusive messagesInstagram

Infamous Arizona science teacher Samantha Peer, also known by her alias Khloe Karter, has revealed abusive messages she’s received from parents after she filmed OnlyFans clips in class.

In 2022, Khloe Karter made international headlines after her OnlyFans content came to light when her former friend exposed clips she had made in the classroom.

The news resulted in Karter being fired from her teaching job, but also banned from OnlyFans for filming in a public area, resulting in her needing to change platforms.

Now, a few months later, Karter discussed all the shenanigans along with messages she has been sent from both parents and students, who share very different views on the ex-teacher.

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Banned OnlyFans teacher reveals DMs from students & parents

In an interview with DailyStar, Samantha Peer revealed that she had been sent a ton of supporting messages on Facebook from her former students in the wake of her firing.

In one hand-written letter, a student thanked Peer for being a “goofy” teacher, saying she was like a “second mom” who they could talk to her about anything.

khloe karter onlyfans teacher in schoolInstagram/khloetheaccountant
Khloe Karter was fired from school and banned from OnlyFans.

“Thank you for everything that you did for me in class,” another one said. “I couldn’t have done without you – you make me smile every day.”

However, for parents, they’ve sent her messages that are quite different and vulgar when compared to the encouraging DMs by kids.

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One user called her “so f**king gross” while another called her a “waste of life.”

Although Karter may not be working as a teacher anymore and won’t be able to hold a teaching position for the next half-decade, she has earned a fortune through her content.

Thanks to the adult videos she films with her husband, the couple has been able to pay off a considerable amount of debt, but that hasn’t stopped her from still vowing revenge on the former friend who originally exposed her.