Tayler Holder responds to claims AnEsonGib was “robbed” in YouTubers vs. TikTokers fight - Dexerto

Tayler Holder responds to claims AnEsonGib was “robbed” in YouTubers vs. TikTokers fight

Published: 13/Jun/2021 12:49 Updated: 13/Jun/2021 18:02

by Georgina Smith


After Tayler Holder and AnEsonGib’s TikTokers vs. YouTubers fight was declared a draw, there was outrage on social media — and Tayler has explained that he also doesn’t agree with the result in his response to the backlash.

The June 12 ‘Battle of the Platforms’ event had viewers glued to their screens as they watched a host of popular YouTubers and TikTokers fight it out to be declared victorious, and prove which platform has the best boxers.

Although not everyone had high hopes for the night, fans ended up being gripped to the action, to ultimately see Austin McBroom be crowned the winner of his headline fight against Bryce Hall.


But undoubtedly the most controversial fight of the night was between TikToker Tayler Holder and YouTuber AnEsonGib.

Despite the stats being heavily in Gib’s favor, getting 47 punches in compared to Tayler’s 21, the result was ultimately declared a draw.

Tayler Holder Anesongib TikToker vs YouTube Draw
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AnEsonGib’s stats were far better than Tayler Holder’s.

In their post-fight interview, Gib claimed, “I know in my heart I won.” Tayler countered this, saying, “I have to disagree that he won,” but also adding, “I believe the draw was complete bullsh*t.”

Social media erupted after their result was declared, with the word “robbed” trending on Twitter as people claimed the ruling was unfair to Gib.

On Twitter, Tayler responded. “A draw… I don’t agree with this at all,” he said, reiterating his earlier comment. “But hey I’m so blessed I got this opportunity, it was definitely life-changing and something I’ll never forget.”


Reacting to the hate he said: “Everyone can say whatever they want but no one will ever truly understand what being in that ring in front of 20k + ppl in the audience feels like! It was my first time and I’m f**king happy!”

He also spoke about the controversy on his Instagram story. “Yo, anyone can say anything that they want but I’m f**king happy, dude. I’m so happy I got to experience it.”

“I don’t completely agree with the draw,” he said, later going on to add: “I’m not here to make excuses, you know he fought great, he applied the pressure just like I thought he was going to.” Tayler also said he was sorry if he let any of his fans down.


Their fight was one of the most controversial moments of the night, and ended up being a huge talking point on social media.

You can view the full results for the rest of the event here.