Tayler Holder accuses Sommer Ray of lying about “super toxic” relationship

sommer ray and tayler holder super toxic relationshipInstagram: taylerholder, sommerray

TikTok star Tayler Holder has exposed the reality behind his “super-toxic” relationship with top influencer Sommer Ray, and the subsequent drama in his next relationship with fellow TikToker Charly Jordan.

Tayler and Sommer had a well-documented on/off relationship throughout the first half of 2020, with numerous suspected breakups.

She accused him of cheating on her — something he vehemently denied later down the line — and overall fans were left very much confused about what was going on between them.

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Admitting himself that he prefers to keep his drama off the internet, Tayler hasn’t spoken too much about his relationship with Sommer, but now he’s done so on the BFFs podcast with Josh Richards and Dave Portnoy.

tayler holder lifting sommer ray at beachInstagram: taylerholder
Tayler and Sommer were the definition of an of/off relationship.

The topic of their relationship was, naturally, the first thing to come up, and Tayler didn’t have many great things to say about the entire ordeal.

“Everything she said on Banks and Keem’s podcast was all false,” he said, referring to Sommer saying that he still wanted her back during his relationship with Charly, even saying he was still in love with her.

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“The whole relationship was lowkey super toxic. She broke up with me every week,” he admitted, adding that she had a huge argument with him at a Jake Paul party after seeing him speaking to his ex. He says he was asking his ex to leave them alone and respect their relationship.

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“Every time we broke up, she would instantly block me on everything,” he continued. He alleges that she had a meltdown when he traveled to Vegas one time, despite asking her to come with him and offering to fly her out.

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He also denies “crying” about the loss of their relationship, and explains how he saw her allegedly hooking up with a friend of his shortly after the relationship. This nearly ended in blows, but they ultimately settled it between them.

It sounds like the relationship was literally all over the place, but as with every story, there are two sides to this one. Sommer or Tayler could be telling the full truth, but the reality is likely somewhere in the middle.

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