Tana Mongeau reveals identity of her stalker after home invasion

YouTube: Tana Mongeau

YouTube star Tana Mongeau has returned to the internet with another jaw-dropping storytime video… this time naming a stalker who purportedly tapped her phone and allegedly broke into her home.

Tana Mongeau has been busy focusing on her new podcast, ‘CANCELLED,’ and hasn’t uploaded a YouTube video in nearly eight months. However, on October 27, the star finally made her grand return — and her content was nothing short of alarming.

In her comeback video, Mongeau detailed a list of frightening occurrences that she thinks were the work of a stalker, who has purportedly been following her from house to house for quite some time.

Notably, Mongeau claimed that the stalker allegedly tapped her phone, claiming she would hear “beeps” and “clicks” when she called people. This happened after her main phone seemingly went missing from under her very nose in her home.

Tana Mongeau forced to hide in bathroom nurse refuses to leave homeYouTube: CANELLED with Tana Mongeau
Tana Mongeau has started a new podcast called ‘CANCELLED,’ which as already featured a slew of high-profile guests.

Tana Mongeau reveals scary details of her purported stalker

After moving to a new spot, Mongeau claimed that the eviscerated corpse of a bird was left on her balcony… which was completely cleaned up “eight minutes later” when no one was looking. A single feather was left in its place.

After this incident, Mongeau then claimed she saw a message written on her shower door, which read: “I lied.” The YouTuber claimed the handwriting was similar to a smiley face that had been left on her mirror in an older house by an unknown party, who she had allegedly seen leaving the home.

Tana Mongeau stalker story 1YouTube: Tana Mongeau
This isn’t the first time Mongeau has talked about her stalker; the YouTuber has uploaded several videos claiming a stalker had broken into her home, among other disturbing instances, over the past five years.

After detailing these hair-raising experiences, Tana gave the first name of her alleged stalker: William.

“He’s super tall,” she said. “Like, Slenderman, and as pale as this wall. The most terrifying looking person I’ve ever seen. I’m not coming for his looks, I’m coming for the fact that he might kill me.”

Mongeau also claimed that someone wrote they were “watching” her in tips she received on OnlyFans. On top of this, her ex-boyfriend claimed to have received “35” calls from her old phone — the one that went missing at her old home.

She ended her video on a lighter note, explaining that she was happy to return to YouTube in spite of her ongoing circumstances… and judging by fans’ responses on Twitter, it seems her viewers are happy to have her back, albeit being equally concerned about her ongoing stalker situation.

Mongeau is far from the only female influencer to deal with such harrowing experiences; a number of women streamers and content creators have spoken out about their own terrifying instances of being stalked, and have called for action from social platforms to help combat this disturbing behavior.