T-Pain cosplaying as a Tekken fighter is the best thing you'll see today - Dexerto

T-Pain cosplaying as a Tekken fighter is the best thing you’ll see today

Published: 1/Sep/2019 22:50 Updated: 6/Dec/2021 18:06

by Eli Becht


Singer Faheem Rasheed Najm, better known by his stage name T-Pain, debuted his cosplay as Tekken 7 character Leroy Smith and it’s actually amazing how accurate it really is.

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If you’ve been wondering what T-Pain has been up to since being a ubiquitous name in music in the mid-to-late 2000s, now you know he’s been moonlighting as a cosplayer and doing a pretty good job at it.

On September 1, he debuted his nearly perfect Leroy Smith cosplay on Instagram, who is a new character from the long-running Tekken series. In fact, he might be one of the first to ever reveal a cosplay on the character, considering the character hasn’t even released yet.


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If we didn’t know that was T-Pain in that outfit, he could easily have been mistaken with a professional cosplayer, which is a huge accomplishment.

T-Pain, if you didn’t know, is quite the gamer himself and streams on Twitch, and even boasts over 126,000 followers. He’s not quite on the level of someone like shroud or Tfue but he can handle himself.

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Leroy was an interesting choice of cosplay for the singer as the character is a brand-new addition to the Tekken series.

He will make his debut in the third season pass and will be the first new character to debut as a DLC character. Getting new content is always nice and it’s safe to say T-Pain is excited.


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T-Pain’s cosplay might actually give Leroy Smith a boost to Tekken fans out there that don’t know who he is or might even be unaware he’s been revealed.

The new character was first announced during EVO 2019 alongside Zafina, so he got this cosplay together very quickly which is pretty impressive all on its own.

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All we know about Leroy Smith’s release into Tekken 7 is that he’ll be available before the end of 2019. Zafina is set to debut some time in September.