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Sykkuno hits another huge Twitch milestone in 2021

Published: 21/Mar/2021 13:35

by Georgina Smith


Popular streamer Sykkuno has achieved another huge milestone Twitch by hitting 3 million followers on the platform, showing insane growth over the past year.

The latter half of 2020 saw some creators become huge on Twitch overnight, with gaming trends like Among Us sparking countless collaborations between various different groups of streamers that boosted the platforms of lesser-known creators to an insane degree.

Sykkuno is one such creator who has seen rapid growth in his following over the past year, now regularly featuring in streams with other huge creators in the streaming space, and securing a dedicated fan base.

Now, the star has smashed a new milestone on Twitch, hitting a total of 3 million followers on the platform.


Sykkuno fans have been particularly impressed with just how far he’s come stats-wise within only one year.

Many pointed out that in March 2020, the streamers only had 100,000 followers, and an average of 1.3 thousand viewers.

A year later in March 2021, Sykkuno now has 3 million followers and 36,000 average viewers, showing just how popular the streamer managed to get in such a short space of time.

Known for being humble about his success, Sykkuno hasn’t made a big deal out of the latest milestone, but a simple tweet that said “woo!” may have been related.

Fans naturally posted countless messages of congratulations to the star online, with one fan saying: “so incredibly proud of Sykkuno for achieving yet another milestone: 3 MILLION followers. he is such a wonderful person and brings tons of joy to so many people. He deserves all the love and more.”


Another viewer wrote: “Happy 3 million followers on twitch to our streamer for fun Sykkuno. He is the person who does not care about follower milestones and does not celebrate this kind of thing but regardless of that, we are so proud of him.”

It seems that the wholesome creator is only continuing to gain more popularity as the months go on, with his collaborations with other notable streamers like Corpse Husband cementing him as a key part of the streaming community.