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Sweet Anita blasts Twitch users for mocking her history of self harm

Published: 17/May/2021 10:58

by Lauren Bergin


Twitch sensation Sweet Anita is renowned for her openness, and during a stream discussing mental illness she hit back at Twitch chat for mocking her history of self harm. 

Trigger warning: This article contains details regarding self harm, depression, abuse, and suicidal thoughts. Reader discretion is advised.

English Twitch icon Sweet Anita is known for being one of the most transparent users on the platform, especially when it comes to matters of mental illness.

Recently she hit out at streaming behemoth TikTok for, in her opinion, taking down her videos due to the involuntary tic associated with her Tourette’s syndrome.

During a stream, members of her Twitch chat made reference to the self harm scars on her arms, and she took a moment to share some powerful words on the subject.


Twitch: Sweet_Anita,
Sweet Anita has spoken out before about abuse in Twitch chat.

Sweet Anita discusses self harm

In a response to a comment that read “taking care of yourself said the chick with scars on her wrist, this is comedy,” the English streamer had some hard hitting words on her history with suicide and mental illness.

“I started self harming when I was about eight or nine. I finished self harming over a decade ago. You’re not mocking me or my ability to care for myself, you’re mocking a nine-year-old for being abused you c**k womble.”

She continues by stating “here’s the lowdown on f**king self harm. People who do self harm tend not to be people trying to kill themselves or harm themselves. They are people coping and trying to f**cking survive.”


She concludes that “depression can be life threatening, because even if it doesn’t make you suicidal it can make you stop wanting to sleep and eat, which is just the same thing really… If you want to mock that nine-year-old kid well too bad, it doesn’t exist anymore, but if you did that would be a a failing of yours and not a failing of a child trying to cope.”

When the same user notes that her “excuses are disgusting, go back to being that nine-year-old kid,” she notes “y’see, every time you go and find someone, and you purely interact with them to be a piece of s**t, you’re not proving anything about them, you’re proving everything about yourself.”


“If you hate me for struggling in life, from learning from life, for growing and improving my circumstances, that’s not my failing, and I’m perfectly happy as I am. But I can tell, categorically, that you’re not.”

If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts, or know anyone that is, and you would like to talk to someone, please reach out and call the Suicide Prevention Helpline 1-800-273-8255 (USA), the Samaritans 116-123 (UK), or Lifeline 13-11-14 (AUS).