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Sweet Anita slams TikTok for taking down her videos over Tourettes tics

Published: 12/May/2021 8:44

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Sweet Anita has revealed she feels like she’s has been “singled out” by TikTok, with the social networking service continuing to take down her videos ‘due to tics’ despite not doing the same for other people with Tourettes.

Sweet Anita has always been open about her condition. As a teenager, she experienced symptoms of Tourette’s syndrome and was formally diagnosed with a rare form of the neurodevelopmental disorder when she was 24-years-old.

It causes her to involuntary swear, utter obscene words, and make socially inappropriate remarks, which has gotten her in trouble in the past despite having no control over them. Despite all that, she overcame the odds and has cemented her place as one of the biggest streamers on Twitch.


However, she’s been having TikTok troubles: they keep taking down her videos. Considering the social media giants don’t appear to be doing the same to others with her condition, the Twitch star says it feels like she’s being “singled out.”

Sweet Anita, Twitch
Streamer Sweet Anita suffers from Coprolalia, a symptom of Tourette’s syndrome that causes uncontrollable outbursts of foul language.

“I don’t know what to do. TikTok allows other streamers with Tourettes to upload content, but it keeps taking mine down,” she said. “I can’t bleep out my tics without making the clips seem really confusing to the viewer, and I’m unsure why I have been singled out.”

Anita also mentioned that she appeals every time it happens, but since “all of the algorithms revolve around views in the first 24 hours,” it effectively “kills every upload,” even when she manages to reverse their decision.


Some fans assured her she wasn’t the only person with Tourette’s experiencing these issues with TikTok. They believe it has something to do with the moderation system, which could be attributed to either human error or a machine-learning algorithm.

Either way, it doesn’t make the problem any less frustrating for Anita. TikTok has not commented on the issue, at least publicly.