Summit1g reveals biggest issue with Rust stopping him from playing again

Summit1g on TwitchTwitch: Summit1g

Twitch streaming star Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar has shared his biggest issue with the popular survival game Rust, as he believes shooting “feels like a chore.”

Since he began streaming regularly in 2013, Summit1g has become one of Twitch’s most-popular variety streamers – amassing over 6.1M followers on the Amazon-owned live streaming platform.

The streaming star began his career with FPS titles – even competing in Valve’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for a brief period of time – and mastered pretty much every battle royale as well.

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However, despite his knowledge and expertise in the genre, he can’t wrap his head around Rust’s finicky shooting and recoil mechanics, even after 200 hours of playtime.

Summit1g speedrunTwitch/summit1g
Summit1g has over 6 million followers on Twitch and is the king of variety streamers.

During Summit’s March 11 stream, the former FPS competitor hit out at Rust after being informed that the game would be undergoing a bit of an overhaul soon. Specifically, he took shots at the game’s AK47 which he claimed to be a “chore to use.”

While complaining about how difficult it is to use guns in Rust, a viewer of the popular streamer argued that Counter-Strike’s AK47 is similar. However, Summit heavily disagreed: “Nah it’s not even close dude. It’s like if you took a CS:GO AK47 and exacerbated it by like five times,” he said.

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“You exacerbated its statistics of that thing, the recoil of it, the horizontal sway and all of that by five then you have the Rust AK47. ”

The conversation continued as another viewer tried to explain Summit’s opinion as a lack of playtime on the popular survival game. “Why does it make sense that the only thing I don’t like about your game is the recoil,” Summit asked. “How’s that a thing that’s okay? Why would you want that to be a deterrent for your game?

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“The recoil being out of this world does not need to be a thing, in fact like I said it’s a deterrent,” he added. “I’ve played FPS games my whole life, I don’t play Rust because it feels like you’re wrestling a snake when shooting guns. It’s not fun, it feels like a chore. Why the f**k would I play something like that?

However, fortunately for Summit, Rust developer Alistair McFarlane has confirmed in a tweet on March 10 there’s a PvP patch on the horizon that will look to improve gunplay and other common complaints.

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No release date for the new patch has been set, but players like Summit can only hope it arrives soon.

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