Summit1g hit with surprise Twitch gift that makes him touch grass

summit1g touches grass on twitchsummit1g, Twitch

Twitch streaming star Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar has been hit with the internet’s viral “touch grass” meme in the best way possible. 

The variety streamer has been playing Sea of Thieves regularly on his channel throughout April, following the release of Rare’s latest expansion – Forts of the Forgotten.

His pirating ways have always been popular on Twitch, first helping elevate the game to prominence on the platform back in 2019.

During a stream on April 17, his time on the high seas had not even started yet when he received a surprise gift on Steam.

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summit1g playing sea of thievesTwitch/Summit1g
Summit has been back playing Sea of Thieves on Twitch of late, but on April he tried a very different game.

Summit1g gets trolled on Twitch with “Touch Some Grass” game

One Twitch viewer had taken the time to send him a personalized invite to another game, and you guessed it – it was called Touch Some Grass. 

“What the f**k is this?” he said, opening up the present on stream for people to see.

“I received a gift that says… Touch Some Grass. What the f**k? Go f**k you moley” he said. “But I’ll take it though..”

To explain the internet’s most popular meme of 2022, “go touch some grass” is used as a way of telling somebody they never leave the house.

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As a Twitch streamer, he’s not exactly in a field when he’s streaming, making him a prime target for the joke.

Turns out, the gift brought some grass indoors for summit to feel, as it’s actually a game developed by jpm_games.

Summit1g plays Touch Some Grass on Twitch

It didn’t take long for the leader of the 1G Squad to open it up and give it a try.

The grass simulator allows players to get a good feel of grass by controlling a virtual hand, with a very pointless timer ticking away on the sidelines. The longer you touch grass, the higher your score.

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Summing up the experience, the streamer said: “Is this it?” As you can imagine, he turned it off after a few minutes.

While it might have been the biggest waste of his time that day, technically viewers can’t now accuse summit of not touching grass. So, onto the next streamer!

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