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Sea of Thieves

Summit1g and xQc cause carnage as they team up in Sea of Thieves

Published: 24/Oct/2019 11:27 Updated: 24/Oct/2019 12:06

by David Purcell


Sea of Thieves, but he went one better during a broadcast on October 23 by drafting in Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel to help him out – and they made one hell of an impact!

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Between both streamers, they have a following of over 5 million on their channels and after coming together for a crossover stream, it’s fair to say that there are not many more effective – and hilarious – crews to hit the waves in the pirate game than these two. 

It wasn’t all plain sailing for them, however, after being caught right in the middle of Kraken attacks, being charged at by Skeleton ships and even aggressive opponents. In fact, even the start of this ship raid didn’t exactly go to plan.


RareSummit1g and xQc had to fend off a lot more than just enemy players in their Sea of Thieves stream.
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Summit1g was waiting in the wings for a signal from his teammates, as he latched onto the side of an enemy ship, holding onto a ladder. 

Soon after, he boarded the vessel and eliminated a few players in quick succession, knocking some of them into the water, before what he claimed to be an item glitch cost him his first life. It wouldn’t let him eat his mango to restore health.

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Once he came back from the Ferry of the Damned, the streamer was all fired up and – crucially – had reinforcements. The one man band approach didn’t work the first time around, but once everybody was working in sync, things started to pick up. 


The battle went back and forth for a few moments, with both teams trying to board the other’s ships by firing over towards them in cannons. During that time, xQc announced that their ship was struck by a Megalodon bite, but summit managed to finally get aboard the enemy Brigantine and from there it was pure domination. 

He lowered their anchor right away, which is something that takes a while to pull back up, and then killed three of the pirates right off the bat. 

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Using his shotgun, summit1g fended a few of them off before having a super tight call after falling into the water. 


Somehow, he managed to evade some shots from the other players, before springing back out of the sea and helping them finish off the rest of the team.

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At this stage, the team’s ship was a sitting duck just waiting for xQc to come along and light it up, which is exactly what they did – smashing cannonballs into the ship at all angles until it sank to the depths. 

They might have had a rocky start to life as Sea of Thieves teammates, having to wait a long time to get close to their opponents, but this was a total wipeout in the end.