Summit1g blasts Sea of Thieves devs with PvP rant

. 3 years ago

Jaryd ‘Sea of Thieves on Twitch, but there are some issues that he would really like to see resolved in the near future.

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The variety Twitch streamer has built up quite the reputation for unbelievable player vs. player (PvP) plays in the world of high seas and skeleton pirates, but things haven’t always been going to plan after coming back. 

He took a moment to plead for changes from developers during his October 20 broadcast, after becoming really frustrated with some aspects of the current meta. 

Sea of Thieves’ PvP action has been called into question by summit.
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Just like many others in Sea of Thieves, summit was playing alone and wanted to try to get on board a few different Galleons during the stream, which he did do successfully on a number of occasions. 

Although, there was a period of about 25 minutes during the livestream where he had a terrible time, getting destroyed by enemy crews that all wielded swords – and it wasn’t just the streamer that thought the weapon was potentially a problem for the game. His chat very much agreed, after seeing what was happening. 

“The f****ing meta in this game is unbelievable man. It’s unbelievable! How is the meta just hold W and left click continuously forever? Come on.”

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The speed in which swords can strike opponents in Sea of Thieves is much faster than that of a weapon and the damage, judging by these clips, appears to be a similar per hit – handing the enemy crew a huge advantage over the player. 

Once he had been eliminated once again, riding in the Ferry of the Damned, summit1g decided enough was enough and called out Rare directly. “It’s just the most unskilled, piece of s**t way to play the game. It’s crazy,” he said with his head in hands. 

“Rare, please, please… PLEASE revisit your combat. Please revisit your stupid f****ing healing materials, like please. It’s so f****ing disappointingly overpowered for the piece of s**t Galleons,” he added. “Just do something man! Piece of s**t f****ing meta.”

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Clearly things got a bit heated during this segment of summit’s broadcast, but those fearing him quitting the game shouldn’t be too worried. He carried on playing for a long time after these clips were captured. 

The former CS:GO player then posted about his frustrations to Twitter, where he – again – took his issues up with the game’s developers directly. 

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“Please Sea Of Thieves fix your combat. The sword brain dead meta is awful, either show some love to guns which got mega nerfed or put sword where it was before,” he tweeted. “Solo/Duo players stand no chance against that right trigger Zerg.

There’s a chance that he might jump into another game in the near future, if Rare doesn’t respond with some sort of PvP update in due course. Even then, though, we’ll have to wait and see. 

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