Streamer under fire for urging kids to steal from parents for Twitch sub - Dexerto

Streamer under fire for urging kids to steal from parents for Twitch sub

Published: 19/Apr/2020 23:25

by Michael Gwilliam


Twitch streamer FrostyMatrixTV is getting called out after he told his younger viewers to steal their parents’ credit cards in order to subscribe to his channel.

During an April 19 broadcast, the streamer the playing Deadside while chatting with his viewers about life and ongoing global events when he pivoted completely.

“It sounds like I’m drunk and trolling when I tell people, kids especially, ‘go get your daddy’s (or mother’s) credit card’ … Not steal it, but sneak it behind their backs and hit the subscribe button,’” he said. “No, I’m not joking. It’s not a joke.”

While the streamer may have claimed the “sneaking” a credit card behind their backs isn’t stealing, it’s hard to understand his logic.

“It sounds funny, because it’s kind of funny, but I’m not doing anything bad. I’m not pushing you to lose your v**ginity. I’m pushing you to be a f**king man!” the streamer continued. “Do things on your own, financial independence, which is nothing. A sub is what? Five f**king bucks?”

According to FrostyMatrixTV, the “lunch money” and allowance younger viewers get from their parents would be able to cover the subscription ten times over.

“Wake the f**k up. Show me you got some balls. That’s what I mean,” he stated.

He went on to claim that viewers go to his channel for “real talk” that their parents are afraid to tell them. “I’ll smack the reality into them if I have to, but I’ll do it with words.”

A few moments later, the streamer claimed that he lost his channel twice due to toxicity and was forced to regrow it.

After the clip was posted to Reddit, some users began to debate if telling kids to steal was a bannable offense.

“Shameless,” one wrote while another called the move “career suicide.”

“Probably an attempt to get attention off the back of that girl, that or a social experiment to see if anyone reacts when a guy does it,” user BONGLISH suggested.

Some users think he was copying Invadervie.

This was a reference to fellow streamer Invadervie who came under fire herself for calling viewers who refuse to subscribe “cheapskates.”

It’ll be interesting to see if Twitch does in fact ban FrostyMatrixTV, but hopefully, no parents have had their credit cards stolen by their children after watching his stream.


#NateRobinsonChallenge goes viral following insane Jake Paul knockout

Published: 29/Nov/2020 20:03

by Charlotte Colombo


Former NBA player Nate Robinson has found himself at the receiving end of an unfortunate meme on Twitter following his humiliating defeat by Jake Paul in a boxing match on 28 November.

To the shock of many onlookers during the highly-anticipated fight – which was on the undercard of the Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. exhibition fight – Paul was able to KO Robinson after just two rounds in a brief but devastating defeat for the basketball player.

Although Robinson initially started the fight strong and energetic, it didn’t take long for Paul to overpower him. He downed Robinson within the first round before sensationally knocking him out with a powerful punch during Round 2.

As Robinson was floored by Paul’s killer punch, the internet reacted by creating the #NateRobinsonChallenge, which involves people taking pictures of themselves pretending to be knocked out.

The savage trend has spread to both Instagram and Twitter, so Robinson might want to stay away from the internet for a while…

Even Fox Sports couldn’t resist getting in on the latest internet craze, as they joked that NFL player Cam Newton was getting in on the challenge as he was warming up lying face down on the field.

Alongside this challenge, the internet also responded to Robinson’s knockout by immediately making him into a meme, taking inspiration from the likes of The Lion King, Minecraft, and Among Us.

Here’s a selection of some of the best memes so far:


Meanwhile, in an interview following the fight, Jake Paul revealed that after a short break from the ring, he has ambitions to take on some of the biggest fighters in the world.

“There’s a long list of opponents that I want,” Paul said. “Conor McGregor, Dillon Danis, I’m going to knock them both out.”

Paul also claimed that he wanted to fight his own brother, Logan Paul, and Austin McBroom, the latter of whom he has recently been going back and forth in an online feud with.