Twitch streamer wrecks PC after losing it over hardware issues

by Virginia Glaze


Partnered Twitch streamer “Quirkitized” had enough of dealing with frustrating hardware problems during a game of Wreckfest, and took out his frustrations on his PC — leading to an ear-splitting conclusion.

Considering the current global state of affairs, it comes as little surprise that many people are dealing with pent-up frustrations — Twitch streamers, included.

One such Twitch streamer, going by the handle “Quirkitized,” had his own round of frustrating experiences during an April 18 stream of popular game “Wreckfest,” a demolition derby-type racing game that soon led to real-life events of a similar theme.

Bugbear Entertainment
Twitch partner "Quirkitized" was in the middle of a Wreckfest session when he took elements from the game into real life.


While playing the game, Quirkitized realized he was having issues with his computer mouse, being unable to move his cursor across the game’s menu nor type in the password for his server.

“I can’t even, like — I swear to god,” the streamer vented. “I can’t even, like, move my f**kin’ mouse around the f**king menu!”

That wasn’t the end of his problems, with the broadcaster also unable to move his mouse on a different menu — leading to a physical outburst shortly thereafter.


“I can’t, like… just nothing f**king responds when I use this f**king game, I swear to god,” he continued, before rising from his chair to beat his mouse against his desk, wielding its connecting wire like a whip.

Somehow, his antics disturbed some adjoining equipment, causing his audio to produce a high-pitched keen that he quickly remedied to save his viewers’ ears.

As though in perfect timing, Quirkitized’s subscription notification popped up just as he moved out of frame of the camera, which showed the streamer appearing from the doorway to say, “You’ve been Quirkitized” — adding a perfectly-timed layer of hilarity to an otherwise tense moment.

(Warning: clip is LOUD!)


Unfortunately, the streamer ended his broadcast shortly thereafter, likely too heated to return to his game straightaway (not counting his destroyed mouse).

Thankfully, he has now returned to regular streaming of Wreckfest in spite of the game’s alleged hardware issues on unsuspecting players.