Streamer shows off insane home cleanup after WoW addiction goes viral

Virginia Glaze
Rukk1 one gives the camera some finger guns as he cleans his home.

Twitch streamer and Classic WoW player ‘rukk1’ shocked viewers by showing off the Hoarders-style mess that had accrued in his home due to a combo of constant in-game grinding and his struggle with depression.

While grinding to Wow Classic’s rank 14 is no picnic — requiring hours of continuous fights with other player characters — one Twitch streamer’s struggle to reach the coveted title ended up creating a huge mess in his home.

Combined with his struggle with mental health, rukk1’s home had descended into a den fit for the Horde, featuring “mountains” of used pizza boxes, debris littering the floor, and a massive pile of empty 2 liter Coca-Cola bottles beside his streaming setup.

After showcasing the shocking mess to his viewers on October 4, rukk1 admitted that the situation had arisen due to his WoW addiction and depression, and apparently decided to cast cleanse on the area right then and there.

Just a day later, rukk had wonderful news to report — he made the choice to trade some valuable PvP time to clean his kitchen, and it definitely seems to have paid off, with an immaculately clean room, completely free of coffee stains on the counter and mountains of pizza boxes.

Even the stovetop had been scrubbed to sparkling perfection, something the streamer took particular pride in.

“Look at the stovetop!” he marveled, showing off the newly-cleaned appliance to his fans. “I haven’t done terribly at cleaning stovetops. I think we did an okay job, man. Do you remember the brown wash that was here? She’s gone, mate!”

The streamer then moved the camera to showcase his newly-cleaned sink, dubbing it the “pièce de résistance” — a fitting title, considering its previous state of being covered in old tea bags and other such articles.

“You are currently watching a very proud boy, dude,” he continued. “It’s starting to sink in that we are making moves, here. We’re making moves.”

Rukk also commented on the situation via Reddit, writing: “Yeah dude, it was a surprising amount of weight off my shoulders. Thought, ‘Ah, this is my life now, whatever,’ but starting to feel like a human again.”

While the rest of rukk’s house is still a work in progress, the broadcaster is getting a good start on transforming his living space, and fans are showing him encouragement on all sides as he continues to stream the transformation.