Streamer reveals what Twitch mod applications really look like

Matt Porter

Twitch streamer Klaatu1 shared a hilarious application sent by one of his own moderators to a fellow streamer in hopes of becoming their head moderator.

Twitch moderators are an important tool in a streamer’s arsenal, acting as rule enforcers while the content creator entertains, making sure that users in the chat aren’t being toxic to other users, or to the streamer themselves.

For some, the idea of moderating the chat of their favorite channel is something they feel passionate about, although few creators go as far as holding an application process for the rule. Some decide to buck that trend though, leading Klaatu to read a cover letter sent by one of his own mods on his broadcast, resulting in a hilarious moment from a witty applicant that left the variety streamer in fits of laughter thanks to their impressive resume.

Klaatu1 showing the application form on his Twitch stream.
Klaatu showed the application on his stream so everyone could appreciate Dan’s work.

While streaming on January 22, Klaatu opened a cover letter from a user named This is Daniel, who after seeing a “job listing” for head moderator decided that he could bring contributions to the channel that would improve “enjoyment, containment, and revenue.” While Dan’s good intentions were clear, it was his experience that set him apart as a true stand-out candidate, and left Klaatu laughing too.

“I am an experienced internet janitor with real experience,” he wrote. “As well as spending some time working as a genuine janitor in a public school system. My understanding of Twitch chat and experience cleaning the hydras of degenerates, and the puke of children has provided baseline experience in the field of Twitch chat moderation.”

While that clearly amused Klaatu, the final section of his experience section was too much, with the streamer losing it as he read about Dan’s time moderating for a man who had “actually met Elon Musk,” before once again mentioning the “intense summer” he spent as a public school custodian.

While Dan may have claimed his time as a janitor was intense, Klaatu tended to disagree, revealing that he had told him that it was the “most laidback sh*t he’d ever done,” claiming he would just listen to music and clean desks.

As for why Dan wanted the job, his resume later explained that he was a “degenerate who has an interest in cleaning the chat of popular streamers in hopes of achieving enough fame to be gifted subscriptions to my friends’ channels.”

As to whether he got the job, that question remains unanswered, but it’s hard to imagine that an applicant like this would ever get turned down for the position of Twitch chat moderator.

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