Starbucks workers petition to combat removal of Pride decorations from stores

Eleni Thomas
Starbucks Pride header

Starbucks employees have called out the company for taking down LGBTQ+ decorations in select stores during Pride month, with staff now having created a petition to combat the issue.

In celebration of the LGBTQ+ community, the month of June is now one that celebrates Pride. With Pride month comes a greater awareness for LGBTQ+ issues, with many companies typically changing their logos to honor the rainbow flag.

As well as this, it is common for stores to decorate their shops with the Pride flag and other LGBTQ+ memorabilia as a show of support for the community and the month. However, Starbucks workers across the US have been reporting that the coffee chain is putting a ban on LGBTQ+ flags and Pride merch from being represented in select stores.

In light of this, Starbucks workers have created a petition to challenge the idea that Pride flags cannot be put up throughout the month of June.

“In a time where LGBT+ rights, transgender rights especially, are under attack, it’s important that both customers and partners feel supported and welcomed,” the text of the petition reads. It also notes that both workers and customers benefit from the decorations, with workers expressing that decorating stores for Pride month makes them “feel more involved with the store and free to express themselves.” 

Starbucks reportedly “ban” LGBTQ+ decorations during Pride month

“Why is the company backing away from supporting its LGBT partners?” the petition questions. “What is there to gain from making every store depressingly identical, with no personality?”

At the time of writing, the petition currently has over 2,500 signatures and is showing signs of growth.

The Starbucks United Workers Group has also been active on Twitter, calling out the company for its stance and demanding change in regards to the issue. Stating that “​​Starbucks is powered by many queer workers, but management has failed to materially support the LGBTQ+ community.”

Time will tell if Starbucks does rectify the mistake. However, they are yet to comment on the petition or the claims that they are being anti-LGBTQ+ friendly at this moment in time.

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