SomeOrdinaryGamers slams The Completionist’s response to charity fraud accusations

Ethan Dean
SomeOrdinaryGamers reponds to The CompletionistYouTube: SomeOrdinaryGamers

SomeOrdinaryGamers has uploaded a lengthy response to The Completionist’s legal threats. In the video, Mutahar doubles down on his previous accusations of charity fraud against The Completionist and The Open Hand Foundation (OHF).

A recent joint investigation by YouTubers Karl Jobst and SomeOrdinaryGamers’ Mutahar sent shockwaves through the wider internet. The two accused fellow content creator Jirard Khalil, better known as The Completionist, of charity fraud.

Initial reports revealed that The Open Hand Foundation (OHF), a charity run by Jirard and his family, was withholding funds in excess of $600,000 donated through the Indieland Charity Stream. A follow-up investigation from Jobst and Mutahar also accused the OHF of misreporting donations.

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After a prolonged period of silence, Khalil and the OHF finally donated the funds and responded to the accusations in a video that many believe exonerated him. Both Jobst and Mutahar promised their own follow-ups and now, Mutahar has published a 55-minute on the SomeOrdinaryGamers YouTube channel dissecting Khalil’s assertions that he did not commit charity fraud.

Mutahar escalates accusations of charity fraud against The Completionist

In the response, Mutahar accused The Completionist of dodging major points of their investigation with “legalese”. He included a two-minute supercut of Khalil naming specific charities that the OHF had supposedly worked with, which in his own response, Khalil determined were “potentially misleading”.

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“That is you literally trying to downplay actual misleading claims,” Mutahar asserted. “The whole story exists because people were misled into believing that their money was going year-over-year to charity when it was really just f**king sitting in an account.”

The video focused on instances where Khalil used terminology like “main funding support partners” to describe the OHF’s relationship with existing charities. “When they were talking about ‘potentially misleading’, I don’t think that was ‘potentially’ misleading, that’s pretty f**king misleading,” Mutahar contended.

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Mutahar disregards The Completionists audit recipts

In response to Mutahar and Jobst’s initial report on the OHF withholding funds, The Completionist produced audits from governing bodies to prove that the money had not been spent.

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“An audit literally just proves that the money was moved around properly,” Mutahar explained. “It would never actually address the main criticism which is that the money was actually solicited through misleading statements.”

Regarding the follow-up reports alleging the possibility of misreported donations to the OHF, The Completionist made mention of specific dollar amounts accrued from other sources. He did not however provide any documentation to prove the accounting.

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“How can anybody say that he provided a tangible receipt when he doesn’t show anything on the screen, and he doesn’t show anything linked in the description?” Mutahar asked. “It literally requires you to take this man’s word, which over the course of this whole investigation, has shown you should do anything but.”

Mutahar’s assertion was that soliciting donations based on misrepresenting a relationship with other charities falls under legal definitions of charity fraud. Despite threats of legal recourse on the part of The Completionist and the OHF, he appears unperturbed.

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“At the end of the day, charity fraud is the principle argument that we wanted to see addressed, and we failed to see properly addressed in this situation,” Mutahar contended. “You can’t just put a Band-Aid on it and say ‘UwU oopsie’, and deflect by mentioning irrelevant points.”

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