Soggy Nugget TikTok: Scary chef goes viral with bizarre cooking videos

Georgina Smith
Soggy Nugget character in a TikTok
TikTok: Soggy_nugget

TikTok account Soggy Nugget (Soggy_nugget) is going viral on social media for their bizarre videos that include a scary creature cooking basic meals, with viewers both spooked and fascinated by the strange content.

Since content on TikTok started moving outside of just lip-syncing videos, ‘FoodTok’ managed to find a home on the platform, sharing recipes and cooking tips with viewers. Some celebrity chefs have even made their way onto the app, including Gordon Ramsey, who Duets people’s videos to call out their cooking.

However, it looks like someone even scarier is making waves in the FoodTok community, and they go by the name of Soggy Nugget.

While Soggy Nugget consists of a range of weird characters that make appearances in the videos, the main one that is going viral both on TikTok and other platforms like Twitter, is a creature that the person behind the camera affectionately calls ‘Little Chef.’

Little Chef is a person dressed in long sleeve baggy black clothing, with what look like litter-pickers for arms. Their face is covered with a white mask, and they communicate exclusively with horror-like groans.

But in a contrast to their horrifying appearance, the creature makes relatively wholesome food content, cooking basic things like toast and eggs using their pincer hands.

Often accompanied by rather jolly music, the videos are weirdly charming, and several Twitter posts including the TikToks have racked up hundreds of thousands and likes on Twitter. Viewers seem to have decidedly mixed feelings about Soggy Nugget.

“This is super cursed and also the funniest goddamn thing I’ve seen all week,” one viral Tweet read. A TikTok commenter wrote, “I was a little spooked at first, but I feel safe now knowing he also hates bread endpieces,” with another saying, “these videos bring me such comfort, I should see a therapist to find out why.”

The bizarre videos are right at home on TikTok, and they certainly appear to be popular, with Soggy Nugget at over 3.7 million followers at the time of writing.  They even have their own merch store.

While the account might be a bit too spooky for some, others are loving the strange mix of bizarre and wholesome content.