Small Streamer’s Emotional Video “What streaming on Twitch has done to my life” Goes Viral

Calum Patterson

A small streamer ‘Yuber’ recently made an emotional video highlighting the struggles of growing on Twitch and how it negatively affected his life, which has since gone viral with thousands reaching out in support and sympathy.

Yuber says he has been streaming on Twitch for over three years, but has only gained around 6,000 followers, and has not been able to realize his dream of streaming for his full time income.

In the video, he breaks down in tears as he explains how negatively the experience had impacted on him, costing him relationships and friendships as he attempted to ‘make it’ as a streamer.

Amazon owned platform Twitch is the leading website for streaming, primarily for video games, and some streamers regularly attract tens of thousands of viewers every time they go live.

But for others, those “at the bottom” as Yuber puts it, it is a struggle, and despite people saying that with dedication and hard work the results will come, he explains that for some it will simply never happen.

“I have done multiple things within these three years to try and get there [big on Twitch].

I did all the things that people said; ‘be on at this time, be on when a game first comes out’ – none of that shit works.

Your stream is always at the bottom, nobody sees you and you just don’t get anywhere.

But I blame myself. I blame giving it too much time. I should have done it a lot more casually, I shouldn’t have allowed my life to get like this.

So for the few people that do watch this video, don’t let your life get like this. Don’t devote so much time to streaming, have a life, get a girlfriend, go out, have fun – don’t be me.”

After the video was posted to Reddit and around Twitter, many other streamers, big and small, resonated with Yuber’s comments and wanted to raise awareness to give the same warning to others.

Even YouTuber markiplier reached out, asking his fans to go show some support.

Since the outpouring of support, Yuber has now made a follow up video, providing an update on his situation, and thanking the many people who reached out.

He also discusses his decision to return to streaming, but that his experience has made him more wary of the pitfalls, and hopes that others can learn from it too.

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