Shroud explains why Fortnite would be more fun without building

Connor Bennett

Twitch star Michael ‘shroud‘ Grzesiek explained the one major change that Epic Games could make to give their Fortnite player base an even bigger boost.

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Fortnite Battle Royale is arguably the most popular multiplayer game in the world, with millions of players logging on every day in search of a victory royale. Despite vocal outrage from the community about season ten, Epic Games are constantly tweaking and adding new content to the game.

The ever-changing aspect of the battle royale title is what keeps a lot of players coming back for more – even if they choose to play a different game more regularly. It’s a game that shroud dabbles in every so often but he has some ideas about what would make him play much more often than he does at the moment.

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Epic GamesFortnite Season Ten has come under attack from players because of the BRUTE Mechs.

After taking his first dip into Fortnite Season X, where the former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professional did what he does best and showed off his god-like skills, he stated: “This game would be so much more fun if you couldn’t build.”

He continued on: “I would love it – it would be awesome. I would be so down for them to introduce a new, it doesn’t have to be the same scale, map – maybe smaller scale map – with no building and the map is built so that it works with no building.”

While the building is a key aspect in Fortnite, shroud believes that removing it would also bring in plenty of new players. “The amount of new players they would get would be absurd,” he added. “So many people would actually play this game if there was no building and nothing could be destroyed.”

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Removing the ability to build would be an extreme change for Epic Games considering it is one of the funemental aspects that sets Fortnite apart from its battle royale rivals. 

They have tested those waters, however, with the Tilted Town rift zone that denies players the chance to build or harvests materials.

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Whether or not they want to take that to the next level through season ten still remains to be seen, especially with more mash-up points of interests like Tilted Town on the way.

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