Scammer who stole Adin Ross’s money gets chased out of Walmart on-stream

Theo Burman
adin ross scammer

A scammer who stole money and personal information from Adin Ross got chased out of a store after he tried to buy a TV with the money- and it all happened on-stream.

The scammer rang Adin up to taunt him over the scam, showing the top Kick streamer that he had gotten hold of his information somehow. He then streamed his scam to Adin while he entered a Walmart and tried buying an expensive TV.

However, the scam took a turn for the worse when store employees clocked what was going on, which resulted in the scammer making a mad dash to his car and speeding off.

Thief who stole from Adin Ross gets busted after scam goes wrong

When the scammer started streaming, he taunted Adin Ross over losing money to the scam, saying that “Adin is going to donate me a TV.”

Adin challenged the scammer on how he managed to get the money, asking if he had access to his PayPal, but the thief only replied cryptically: “yeah, something like that”.

Bizarrely, the thief said that Adin was jinxing the scam, and that it would be the streamer’s fault if he got arrested.

The scammer then went into the store and picked up a TV, and Adin was shocked at how well the scam was progressing, saying: “No way. What the f*ck dude. No f*cking way that works. Bro. Are you kidding me?!? What are you doing??”

However, the scam came to an end when the scammer’s stream audio cut out. In the video, the scammer was addressed by store staff, before he started running out of the shop without the TV.

The last we saw of the scammer is when he got back into his car and sped away, when he said to Adin: “I’m going to have to call you back.”

From this, it looks pretty clear that the scam didn’t end well for him.

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