Retired federal agent threatens to arrest Lovely Peaches in viral TikTok

Lovely Peaches Retired AgentYouTube: Lovely Peaches / Mark Gillespie

A video has gone viral of a “retired federal agent” claiming that he will find social media star Lovely Peaches and see that she is “arrested, indicted, convicted, and sentenced” following “repulsive” child abuse.

Lovely Peaches, real name Brittany Johnson, has been subject to a huge amount of attention online as a result of her controversial content.

One of her major controversies involved claiming she had hired a thirty-year-old man to assault 16-year-old TikTok star Charli D’Amelio, leading to widespread outrage and fear for Charli’s safety.

Johnson has also come under fire for her concerning videos involving her young daughter Cora, leading to social media users campaigning for legal involvement.

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Lovely PeachesLovely Peaches made a name for herself though controversial videos

In one YouTube video, she fabricates a story about how “Cora is no longer with us” and fights back laughter as she says “I am kind of happy that I no longer have to worry about a child.” This resulted in her daughter being taken off her for safety reasons.

Since then, a video has surfaced online of “retired federal agent” Mark Gillespie discussing how he recently became aware of Lovely Peaches’ videos, threatening her with imprisonment.

He described the videos as being “among the most disgusting, and repulsive videos I’ve ever seen,” and declared that he will do “everything in my power” to rescue Cora from Johnson’s “satanic” hold on her.

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He also brings up her violent threats against Charli, saying he is “prepared to assist [her] to ensure [her] safety and protection.” He tells Johnson that “we will see to it that you spend many years in jail.”

Many viewers users rejoiced at the possibility that Johnson may finally receive some punishment, while others expressed that prison may not actually do anything, and that “she needs rehabilitation” rather than jail.

At the time of writing, Gillespie’s clip has garnered 600,000 likes on TikTok, and over 280,000 views on Twitter.