Rapper ArrDee roasts Tony Lopez over TikTok dance cover of ‘Body’

ArrDee in music video for Body 2 and Tony Lopez in a TikTokYouTube: GRM Daily / TikTok: tonylopez

After TikToker Tony Lopez covered viral song ‘Body,’ British Rapper ArrDee has roasted him, saying “I have no idea what the f**k just went on.”

Every week on TikTok there seems to be a new viral song doing the rounds. From sea shanties to Olivia Rodrigo’s power ballad ‘Drivers License,’ every genre has made its way onto people’s For You Pages at some point.

The latest hit track has surprised many by becoming popular worldwide. British rapper ArrDee featured on Tion Wayne x Russ Millions’ ‘Body’ and his verse initially started gaining traction in the UK, with the most recognizable lyrics being: “Have you seen the state of her body? If I beat it, I ain’t wearin’ a johnny.”

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However, many were surprised when the song started to make its way onto US For You Pages, becoming a viral hit outside of the UK.

Viral TikTok twins Ondreaz and Tony Lopez each made their own separate video dancing to the verse, but they ended up receiving backlash from some UK viewers, who said: “On behalf of the entire British population… no,” and “our sound has officially been ruined.”

Now in a video with LADbible, ArrDee himself has reacted to Tony’s video of the song.

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“I have no idea what the f**k just went on,” he said, after watching it with his head in his hand. “It’s kinda going mad rather than dancing,” he added, imitating Tony’s erratic movements.

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“Confidence innit, if you’re brave enough to post that on a UK tune, then hats off to you.”

It’s not clear what he thinks of the song going so viral on TikTok as a whole, but he seemed to be baffled by Tony’s rendition of his verse.

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