Rainbow Six player accidentally swatted himself after calling out in-game

Filip Krawanski
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A man accidentally called 911 by sitting on a phone while playing Rainbow Six Siege, the operator dispatched police to his location upon hearing that he had “killed two people.”

Swatting is the illegal act of making a false report to police in order to illicit an armed response to an address. It is usually done as a malicious troll to target an individual, often a streamer.

This might be the first case of someone swatting themselves accidentally. A man, named Elijah according to his friend, had a stroke of serious misfortune when he accidentally dialed 911 on a phone in his back pocket. Furthermore, the 911 operator picking up the call heard him say that he “killed two people.”

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What the operator did not know is that Elijah was simply calling out that he eliminated two opponents in Rainbow Six Siege to his friend he was playing with.

The man was in for a sudden surprise when officers requested him to come out of his home and began questioning him, all of which was caught on Elijah’s own porch camera.

Police respond to accidental swatting

Police officers had to take the situation seriously to ensure no crime had been committed and no one was hurt, so they questioned Elijah outside his home for hours, while others searched the property.

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His friend reported that the man was frightened because a gun was being pointed at him for the first time in his life.

The same source reports that when the situation was confirmed by the officers to be an accident one of them asked Elijah who is his favorite operator in Siege.

Thankfully, the situation was resolved and no one got hurt. In the past, incidents of “swatting” led to temporary bannings of Adin Ross, or xQc having to move due to “daily” swattings. Such calls are always treated seriously, so empty your pockets before you hop on your favorite online shooter, just in case.

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