Pregnant mom of 3 under fire after simply “praying for a healthy baby”

Meera Jacka
Pregnant mom of 3 under fire after simply praying for a healthy baby

A pregnant mom of 3 came under fire after posting an Instagram reel in which she stated she didn’t care about the gender and was simply “praying for a healthy baby”.

It has long been considered the norm for expecting parents to want the best for their children, including wishing for good health and well-being.

However, in this age of social media, everything and anything is open to criticism. A Florida mom found this out the hard way after posting a seemingly innocent Instagram reel that resulted in an onslaught of backlash.

Already a mother of three girls and expecting her fourth child, Kimberly Lecuryer shared on Instagram that she was “ignoring everyone” who hoped for her to have a boy this time, saying she was only “praying for a healthy baby”.

“Girl mom of 3. Do I want a boy? Absolutely! Would [I] be mad if I had a 4th girl? Not at all,” Lecuyer wrote in the caption of her Instagram reel. “Healthy Baby is the goal.”

But her video quickly came under fire, with viewers focusing on her desire for a healthy baby and labeling the mom as an “ableist”.

“Mom of an unhealthy kid here to say that those babies are equally valuable and worthy of love,” one person wrote. Another said, “Whatever ‘healthy’ means? If it’s not ‘healthy,’ then your prayers won’t be answered? How is ableism different from being sex-selective?”

Kimberly Lecuyer's family
Lecuyer already has three young daughters and is currently expecting her fourth child.

Following the backlash and attention Lecuyer’s video received, many came to her defense and argued that her desire for a healthy baby was what “all parents want” for their children.

“Who HOPES for an unhealthy child? Like who finds out they’re pregnant [and] immediately thinks ‘ohh I hope my child has [health] issues that affect their quality of life.’ Who WANTS that for their child?!” one person wrote. “Please let this woman enjoy her pregnancy in peace. This was stupid.”

“Should she just pray for her child to be born alive? Or will people then attack her for offending parents who have had stillborn children?” Another questioned. “This is a rabbit hole for sure. Y’all need to stop.”

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