Lance Tsosie loses half a million TikTok followers after Chelsea Hart drama

lance tsosie chelsea hart tiktokTikTok: modern_warrior__ / chelseahartisme

TikToker Lance Tsosie lost half a million followers on the platform after the fallout from his relationship with Chelsea Hart hit a boiling point with fans.

Hart published a series of videos diving into her time with Tsosie, who goes by modern_warrior__” on TikTok. She alleged that Tsosie took advantage of her “vulnerability” and was unfaithful to her during their relationship.

As the drama unfolded, more influencers claimed to have a similar experience with Tsosie and spoke out in support of Hart. As TikTokers become aware of the situation between the two popular influencers, modern_warrior’s follower count is taking a hit.

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Tsosie’s TikTok following after accusations

Almost a week out from the initial point of the drama, Tsosie has lost half a million followers on TikTok, or about 15% of his total fans since the videos came out.

Tsosie’s modern_warrior account has 2.7 million TikTok followers, down from about 3.2 million just a week prior, according to SocialBlade.

The trend has been steadily ticking down since Tsosie posted an apology video addressing Hart, which immediately drew backlash and was taken down shortly after.

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On his end, Tsosie has kept relative radio silence since deleting his apology as more influencers have come forward to describe their interactions with the TikToker.

The downtick in followers might also be attributed to wild speculation against Tsosie from “those who want to kill [him],” as Hart put it. To those rumors, Hart vehemently asked her audience to “shout down” false narratives and to elevate what was really happening.

It’s unclear if the two influencers are handling the situation away from the public’s eye but TikTok audiences are still waiting to hear from Tsosie after a week without posting a clip on his channel.

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