Amouranth reveals how a typo made her lose $2m

Michael Gwilliam
Amouranth makes money

Twitch star Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa has made a fortune in recent years, but lost a huge chunk thanks to a single typo by her bank.

Amouranth has taken the internet by storm, earning quite the bank account in the process. Through OnlyFans, hot tub streams, and most recently, selling bottled farts for $1,000 a pop, she’s become quite rich.

Her wealth has allowed her to make some bold investments, such as buying gas stations, 7-Elevens, and plastic ball companies to push her steps closer towards retirement.

However, according to the Playboy bunny herself, one major error from a bank cost her big time and saw her own earnings end up in someone else’s account.

Amouranth loses $2m thanks to a bank typo

In March, Siragusa asked fans how they’d feel if $2m randomly showed up in their checking account, adding that the question was relevant due to a recent issue at the bank.

“I was trying to move money from a biz account to an account I use to make investments, and the bank placed it in some random person’s account due to a ‘TYPO,’” she explained. “Somewhere out there is a person who got a crazy deposit notification.”

“I figured it was just a slow transaction so the money sat in that person’s account for a while… collecting interest?” she further pondered.

Waking up and seeing $2 million in your account would be a dream for anyone, but sadly for that lucky individual, Amouranth believes the error will be reversed. Needless to say, though, it was a nightmare for those in charge.

“Two private bankers and branch manager running around with hair on fire while trying to seem normal,” she said in response to a fan wondering how the bank reacted to the mistake.

So, while this mistake did cause some stress for the 28-year-old, Amouranth actually thinks she might end up giving away a big amount of cash at some point anyway, so anyone feeling lucky may want to stay tuned to her channel for more information.

In the meantime, this unfortunate typo should be a good reminder to those handling large amounts of money to always be sure the spelling is correct.