PowerGPU swatted live during ‘Operation Giveback’ charity Twitch stream

PowerGPU Swatted and Evacuated

Popular prebuilt PC company ‘PowerGPU’ was swatted during their ‘Operation Giveback’ charity stream on Twitch. 

Back in March, Artesian Builds was called out by multiple Twitch streamers for shady giveaway practices and as it went viral, the company went under — leaving thousands of orders unfulfilled with no easy way for customers to receive refunds.

A few weeks later, PowerGPU came to the rescue with ‘Operation Giveback’ in partnership with a wide variety of PC part-manufacturers to provide 50 PCs to those affected by Artesian Builds going under.

On May 31, PowerGPU was swatted live on stream while building PCs for the charity campaign. The company quickly took to Twitter to explain that their team is okay, and that police are searching the building.

In the hours following the incident, PowerGPU connected with the appropriate authorities and is now actively working to find the person responsible.

They could also enlist Twitch’s help in putting the entire puzzle together.

If you’d like to check out their partners, as well as how to donate towards the cause, head over to the Operation Giveback website.

As well, if you are an affected customer of Artesian Builds, the bottom of the site offers an application form for you to apply for a PC of your own.