Pokimane under fire after blasting sponsor of anti “simp” YouTuber

Michael Gwilliam

Twitch star Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys is getting called out by many content creators after she attacked the sponsor of YouTuber ‘It’sAGundam’ for making a video criticizing “simps.”

It’sAGundam is known for making videos critical of modern online culture, such as “simping.” The term “simp” popularly refers to men who overvalue women and do or say things they may not agree with because they believe a woman would want them to do so.

On May 13, It’sAGundam uploaded a video titled “Simp willingly goes homeless for Pokimane,” which features comments made by Twitter users about donating outrageous sums of money to the Twitch streamer.

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In the video, he specifically takes aim at a user on Twitter who claimed to have donated $1,000 to Anys, despite being four months behind on his rent among others who appear to fawn over the streamer.

Eventually, on May 16, Pokimane watched the video during her stream and blasted the YouTuber and his sponsor, Ridge Wallet.

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“I can’t believe anyone would sponsor these shenanigans,” she said. “Like what?”

“And I will say, for this company to sponsor a video that’s literally 20 minutes of talking sh*t about me…” Pokimane paused, clearly fuming over the content of the video. “You will never see… if you ever reach out to me, if I ever see you in my inbox.”

Anys then crossed her arms forming an “X” and stated, “on sight” jokingly suggesting she’d either delete or block the company right away.

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“Like, no company should do that just about ever. ‘Oh, is this a video where some random dude behind a VR machine calls a girl a th*t for twenty minutes? Really want to put my logo on that one!’” she mocked.

Since blasting It’sAGundam’s sponsors, Poki has come under fire from users critical of her stance across social media. “The video is comedic and satirical, but it offended Poki so much that she calls out the sponsor of the video,” Josh Pescatore raged.

“I am all for creators talking sh*t on other creators, but why go after advertisers?” he asked, and added that it was “lame AF” for a millionaire to go after a YouTuber’s sponsor during the ongoing global issues.

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Bowblax, who has had his own issues with Pokimane over copyright strikes, claimed that if it wasn’t for her prior controversy with him, she would have attempted to take down It’sAGundam’s video.

Pokimane hasn’t responded to the controversy further, and it’s unclear if her comments have affected the relationship between the YouTuber and his sponsor. Dexerto has reached out to It’sAGundam for comment.

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