Pokimane gets called out for questioning the voice of her random Fortnite duo partner

Published: 25/Sep/2018 17:56 Updated: 26/Sep/2018 10:21

by Mitch Reames


Popular streamer Pokimane was paired up with a random duo partner named xxFortniteQueen and Pokimane made some assumptions about the person behind the account.

“That’s not quite what I expected the Fortnite Queen to sound like,” Pokimane said.


Fortnite Queen promptly calls her out: “I’ve been struggling with my voice my entire life, I don’t need you to come and bully me, ok?”


Fortnite Queen’s outrage turned out to be fake. After the clip, the player reveals that they changed their name because of a bet.

“So why you tryna act all offended and shit?” Pokimane questions Queen.


The game doesn’t last much longer as Pokimane is killed in Junk Junction and Queen doesn’t last much longer.

Despite a short game, the two had pretty great banter and Pokimane’s chat was calling for another duo round, but the streamer didn’t add her new friend. 


While Pokimane continued to claim she was talking about the person’s age in the postgame lobby, her chat ragged on her for assuming Fortnite Queen’s gender.

“Hey guys I did not assume genders, I didn’t bully, I didn’t do shit. I said he sounded more youthful than a queen. Stop tryna be extra out here,” Poki said while assuming Queen’s gender.