Hololive VTubers become World of Warships commanders in epic crossover event

Hololive VTubers posing for World of Warships crossover eventWargaming

World of Warships has just announced another collab event featuring Hololive VTubers as commandeers. Here is everything we know about the upcoming cute captains.

In one of the craziest collaboration events to hit the gaming community, World of Warships announced its first crossover with Hololive back in 2020. The first collab featured VTubers Fubuki Shirakami and Marine Houshou in-game teaming up to head the Japanese cruiser, Hashidate.

Another collab event has just been revealed between the VTuber agency and multiplayer game, this time featuring new characters as ship commanders. The event will come as a part of a bigger update, but it has many fans excited to see their favorite cute characters comandeering.

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Hololive is no stranger to crossovers with video games, with collab events popping up in titles like Among Us and Paladins. This will, however, only be the second time the beloved VTubers dip their toes in the waters of World of Warships.

World of Warships x Hololive event details

The collab event will be coming as a part of World of Warship’s 12.3 update, Seychelles. You can check out the full trailer above. Described as a return of Hololive production in the game’s patch notes, the update will see four new VTubers join World of Warships as Commanders.

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Moona Hoshinova, Takanashi Kiara, and Shishiro Botan are three of the four VTubers coming to World of Warships to take command. Amelia Watson, who recently released her first song and game, will also be joining the crossover.

Each of the four will feature their own individual voiceover as they fill players’ ranks. These voiceovers will include unique lines suited to different in-game situations. The collaboration will also reward players with a special expendable camouflage and commemorative flag.

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The update will be dropping between April 19-20 as World of Warships takes its servers down to prepare for its roll-out. You can play the game now for free on Android, iOS, PC, PlayStation, or Xbox.

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