PewDiePie takes Minecraft series to next level with music video

YouTube – you don’t become the most subscribed YouTuber for nothing – and now, he has elevated his Minecraft series even further with a music video that has gone instantly viral.

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Minecraft saw somewhat of a revival in recent months, especially with popular streamers and content creators looking for an alternative to Fortnite during the latter seasons of Chapter 1.

PewDiePie, being the character that he is, capitalized greatly on the regenerated popularity of the sandbox video game, garnering millions of views on every video released of him playing.

PewDiePie/YouTubePewDiePie has amassed 101 million subscribers, creating primarily gaming content.
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Unfortunately, for fans of his Minecraft series, he brought it to an end, after defeating a major boss.

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    In the video, he is characterized in Minecraft’s signature blocky style while rapping, flexing about his multiple in-game possessions, with lines such as “Bet you don’t have this blue, bet you don’t have this green,” referencing his diamond and emerald ores, two of the rarest in the game.

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    In the second half of the video, it reverts to PewDiePie in real-life, where he starts discussing his real-world possessions with a change in flow and beat with lines like “I’m bored of being at the peak, so time to see what lies beneath.”

    The video was uploaded on October 23 and, at the time of publication on October 24, it has received almost 7 million views – a number many YouTubers wouldn’t reach in a lifetime – and was in YouTube’s top trending videos.

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    Finishing the song with the line “Remember kids, life isn’t fair. Take it from the second Swedish Minecraft multi-millionaire,” PewDiePie reminds viewers that he is ultra-successful, while also paying homage to Minecraft developer and fellow Swede Markus Perrson.

    Mine All Day isn’t PewDiePie’s first music video: he also saw a lot of success with works such as ‘B***h Lasagna’ and ‘Congratulations’, which have picked up over 370 million views between them.